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RPRE commissions solar PV system at Gangga Island Resort & Spa

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Gangga Island Resort and Spa

Situated on the tip of a small island located off the coast of Manado in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, lies Gangga Island Resort and Spa. A resort that offers a 5-star PADI diving experience.

The remoteness of the location makes it previously a challenge for the resort to tap any form of grid-tied energy and hence has been “handcuffed” to using diesel as the only source of energy. Over the last 10 years, the resort has spent more than USD1 million on diesel to power the resort.

Harnessing Clean Solar Energy

RPRE is proud to announce that the partnership with Gangga Island Resort & Spa has proven that energy independence can be achieved even in the most remoteness of location. With a newly commissioned hybrid energy system comprising of both REC Solar PV and Narada batteries, the entire resort now have sufficient solar energy to power the needed energy required in the day. Excess solar energy generated is stored in batteries to completely power the resort’s night energy requirement.

System Specifications

The system consists of 214 kWp PV system coupled with a 557 kWh battery system . Instead of 4 diesel generators that it had in the past, the resort now only needs to maintain and upkeep one diesel generator as back-up for the periods of reduced sunshine. If the resort is 100% occupied, it will be consuming more energy and may be need to use diesel generators for a few more hours in the night too. The resort is exploring various methods to reduce its energy consumption.

The system is also connected to the internet and this allows for real time data reading and analytics for convenient monitoring and maintenance. RPRE is able to fine tune certain adjustments from our Singapore head office.

Environmental Impact

With the shift in reliance from diesel generators to solar and batteries, the resort is able to contribute to the fight against climate change by reducing their carbon footprint. Over a period of 20 years, this project is expected to avoid carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of up to 2,009 tons. This reduction of emissions improves air quality and eliminates noise pollution on the island.

The water quality around the island is also improved. The resort supply boat no longer needs to make as many resupply trips to the mainland to purchase diesel. The risks of spillage during diesel transportation is dramatically reduced too. The marine environment has improved so much that the resort encountered a very pleasant surprise of a Dugong visiting its jetty in Nov 2019.

Replanting Trees

Believing in the need to be sustainable for a better planet, the trees cleared for the solar field were replaced with 10 times more trees through a tree planting campaign with Eco-Business. RPRE has also invested in planting more trees through another B Corporation known as EcoMatcher. Interesting fact, growing trees sequester more carbon vs mature trees!

Social Impact

On top of positively impacting the climate, the project has also provided project-based employment opportunities for 15 local community members leading to not only an increase in income but also an improvement in transferable skills that will allow better employment opportunities.

A donation drive was organised and clothes and toys were collected and distributed to benefit the women and children from the neighbouring village on the island.

Energy Storage Project of the Year

The project has been awarded “Energy Storage Project of the Year” and has significantly and effectively reduced both carbon emissions as well as air, land and water pollution. The prize was awarded in June 2019 in Seoul Korea at the Global Solar + Energy Storage (GSES) Awards.

The award reaffirms RPRE’s commitment to helping commercial and industrial (C&I) clients transition from dirty fossil fuel energy to clean renewable energy and recognises RPRE’s ability to tackle difficult local logistics challenges in the remote areas of Indonesia.

SDG17: Partnership for the Goals

This milestone project brought together important like-minded stakeholders in our value chain and ecosystem.

RPRE is grateful to our following partners:

Renewable Energy Company (REC) for the supply of the PV Panels and Narada for the supply of the battery energy storage system. Both manufacturers commit to a responsible end of life handling of the equipment and provided certification that the equipment can all be recycled.

Our impact investors who will provide financing towards a green loan to help reduce the upfront capital outlay required and allowed the client to afford the new system.

Lotus Hotels Owners and Management, for making this project possible!

RPRE believes that business can be a force for good and is very proud to collaborate with Gangga Island Resort and Spa to set a shining example to other resorts on embracing clean renewable energy. We look forward to eradicating many more dirty and pollutive energy sources and help clients switch to clean renewable energy.

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