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Mapletree Business City,

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Singapore 117439

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Permata Kuningan Building


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Jl. Tountemboan no 489 Wawalintouan, Tondano Barat.,
Kab. Minahasa,
Sulawesi Utara 95616

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Do you want to know if your business is a good fit for solar?


A few simple guidelines will help you to identify your business's solar viability


  • Adequate roof space - The bigger the roof space, the larger the system that is required to be installed.

  • Minimal shading - Consider the amount of shade from nearby obstructions which may impact your solar system.

  • Current energy source - If you are in a off-grid location, mainly running on traditional sources of energy like diesel. A solar system can be a cheaper, cleaner and most long lasting alternative solution.

  • Current electricity expense -  The savings from a solar system are more significant for business that is currently facing a high electricity expense. 

  • Ready to make an initial investment -  The biggest cost of going solar will be the initial purchase of the system.

Let’s discuss the possibilities 

Find out if your organization is a good candidate for solar energy. Simply fill out this form or contact us in the following to get started.

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