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Transforming Lives in Cambodia

On 23rd Aug, RPRE together with Family Business Network Asia, hosted an event - “Transforming Lives in Cambodia”.

Dr. Hannes Schmid, together with Ngon Sokleap, shared how they founded Smiling Gecko Cambodia (SGC) and developed a model community project to uplift disadvantaged locals from poverty in Cambodia. Many of the powerful impactful photographs will be in his latest book called “Concerned Photography”, and the book will be launched later in Nov 2019.

Dr. Hannes founded SGC to provide relief to the needy children and their families. This is achieved by driving an open cluster model founded on 6 pillars that strives to be self-financing in the long run. The 6 pillars are (i) Village School, (ii) Agriculture, (iii) Carpentry, (iv) Farmhouse, (v) Garment Education & Production, (vi), Industrial Education & Training.

RPRE is honored to be able to partner with SGC to help them overcome the unstable energy source that is permeated with frequent blackouts as well as to achieve long term energy cost savings.

We would like to thank Family Business Network Asia, DBS Foundation and Bliss Catering for their kind support for this event.

If you would like to make a donation to SGC, kindly visit:


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