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RPRE wins Energy Storage Project of the Year

On 24th June 2019, RPRE was awarded “Energy Storage Project of the Year” for the off-grid category at the Global Solar + Energy Storage (GSES) conference held in Seoul Korea. The international jury presented this award based on the following attributes :

  • The largest solar and ESS project in Indonesia for an eco-resort

  • Sizeable Solar PV of 215kWp using REC TwinPeak Panels and off-grid energy storage size of 556 kWh using Narada batteries

  • Smart integration with existing diesel generators for backup purposes

  • Innovative financing option for the client to pay via monthly instalments

  • Positive impact to People, Planet and Profits.

  • Scalable and able to replicate to other projects

  • Demonstrate ability to tackle local logistical challenges in Indonesia to remote areas

  • A unique project in a high potential developing market in Indonesia

The award reaffirms RPRE’s commitment to helping commercial and industrial (C&I) clients transition from dirty fossil fuel energy to clean renewable energy.

RPRE Strategic Partners

RPRE partnered with top battery manufacturer Narada and received strong support from Narada Power Source as well as Narada Asia Pacific. RPRE also partnered with Genplus and worked together on the Energy Management System (EMS) and the Battery Management System (BMS) which will allow remote monitoring.

Business as a Force for Good

RPRE believes that business can be a force for good and focuses on the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit.

People - RPRE hires based on meritocracy and also provides employment opportunities for minority groups, including persons with disabilities and those facing financial exclusion. This project also created over 20 short term jobs from the nearby village. The resort’s generator operators will also be up-skilled to learn how to manage and maintain the new solar PV and energy storage system. RPRE is a member of raiSE, Singapore’s Center for Social Enterprises.

Planet - The primary source of energy will no longer be fossil fuels, and the eco-resort will run on clean renewable energy instead. This dramatically reduces and air, noise and water pollution, and will be a zero-emission clean power source. A circular economy recycling program is in place for the solar panels and batteries to ensure they are properly recycled at the end of their useful life which is many years/decades later.

Profit - For this project, RPRE provided the financial engineering to extend the client a payment scheme which was fair and affordable. Based on the client’s good credit rating, RPRE collected a down payment, followed by regular monthly instalments enabling the client to easily switch to solar. The monthly payments for the solar equipment are even lower than the existing energy expenses when running on diesel, hence making this transition even better for cash flow activities. Currently, RPRE 100% self-funded and is exploring financing options with different parties.


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