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Energy Situation in Indonesia 

Despite of having abundant natural resources at its disposal, Indonesia has difficulty to supply enough electricity to its people and businesses. Robust economic growth over the past decade has given rise to increased domestic demand for electricity. But the country has not been able to meet demand adequately, resulting in frequent blackouts, and having one of the poorest electrification rates in Asia

This means that about 20 percent of the total Indonesia's population (consisting of about 250 million people) has no access to electricity yet. As Indonesia's demand for electricity grows by approximately 8.4 percent per year (higher than the annual growth rate of electricity generation), the electrification rate will most likely worsen 

Since 2009, Indonesia has become a net importer of petroleum rather than exporter. This transition had awoken the nation to realise that alternative sources of energy should be developed. The Indonesian government has set a goal to increase the  renewable energy use by 25% by 2025, and President Joko Widodo has mandated a national strategic goal of increasing 35,000 MW across Indonesia.





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